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Galatians: Through Jesus Christ

Ecclesiastes: All the Days of Life

Ecclesiastes: The Circle of Life

Ecclesiastes: This Crooked World

Like a Watered Garden

Well Loved to Love Well

You can watch the full service of Rick’s final Sunday on our YouTube page.

Easter 2024: Home At Last

Ecclesiastes: By The Blood

Ecclesiastes: Guard Your Steps

Ecclesiastes: The Same Breath

Ecclesiastes: Life Is Good With God

Ecclesiastes: I Need a New God

Ecclesiastes: Chasing The Wind

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Haggai: Presence

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Haggai: Pebbles

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Two Questions

Haggai: Priorities

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The Gospel Of Salvation

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Christmas Eve at Fellowship

Jesus, True and Better Shepherd

Mary, True & Better Sarah

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Jesus, True & Better Wise Men

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Jesus, the True and Better Presence

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Jesus, True & Better Cleanser of the House

Jesus, True & Better Righteousness of God

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Jesus, True & Better Stick & Axe

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Jesus, True & Better Daughter of Jephthah

Jesus, True & Better Samson

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